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Entrepreneur, creative , Wife & Mum to 2 kids, 3 guinea pigs, 2 terrapins & 1 dog


Chermaine Aw Yong

Thank you for taking interest in my work! :)

I'm the co-founder of a Local Design Studio: Deer & Den Design and also

the brains, legs, arms and everything else behind

My ideas are very much inspired by my everyday life and a huge part of it from furry little creatures. When I am not tending to my kids or the fur troop, I assist my husband who helms Deer and Den Design.

Where we have plans on how to take over the world like Pinky & the Brain.

My ambition as a child was to be a cartoonist, doodling on every piece of paper I could get my hands on.

I strive to inject positivity & a sprinkle of wackiness into everyday life.

When life permits, I drink lots of coffee, needle felt & make more furry friends.

oh yes...and

I am called to be The Salt & Light of the World.

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